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MagStor LTFS Companion for MAC

The MagStor LTFS Companion is designed to help MAC users use IBM Spectrum Archive SDE LTFS without knowledge of CLI (Command Line Interface). Our graphical interface allows users to mount and format LTFS tapes with ease so they can drag-and-drop files to and from their LTFS LTO tapes.  

Please note that the underlying LTFS is IBM Spectrum Archive and official support is not offered by IBM on free software offerings.  Our software lets you use IBM Spectrum Archive easier with a graphical interface versus a command line interface.

If you would like complete technical support and premium features we recommend paid LTFS solutions from Imagine Products, YoYotta and Xen Data.  

Compatible with all single-drive desktop MagStor LTO tape drives shipped after 12/1/18.


Mac OSX 10.11+

MagStor_LTFS_Companion_1.01: Download