MagStor Libraries are coming soon!  Please contact us if you're interested in a tape library now, as select models are currently shipping. 

Why MagStor Tape Libraries?

Low Price -  MagStor offers significantly lower prices than the big name brands.  How?  We don't have the enormous overhead and bloat like the big brands.

Fully Unlocked -  MagStor will never ask you to pay for basic features. You buy the library, you own the library

Buying from the other guys, you purchase a 24-slot library only to find that half the slots work because you don't have a license, and you need a support contract to buy one.

No Surprise Upgrade Pricing -  let's say you buy a tape library with one drive from another manufacturer and find that in order to add a second drive you must pay more than an entire library with a drive inside.  Need to expand?  You need to have an active maintenance contract with the other guys.  At MagStor if you want to upgrade you simply buy the part for the same everyday low price. It is that easy.

TAA Tape Drives -  That means our tape drives are made in Japan, not China. MagStor products are assembled and supported in the USA. 

Quick Response - Our sales and support staff aim to respond to any inquiry within 1-2 business hours.  You will be hard pressed to find a seller as responsive and invested in your interests as us. Whether a customer or a re seller, we strive to have a reputation for customer service.

We KNOW Tape -  With us, you can talk to people that know how tape solutions work.  Once you do actually get in contact with someone elsewhere, be prepared to search for someone who knows how tape can meet your data needs. 

MagStor's janitor knows more about tape drives than most other companies. We say this with pride.

We want you to walk away happy. A win for you is a win for us! 
Contact us to find out how tape can solve your data problems!