Secure Storage for your Knowledge Assets

Unrivaled Cost and Performance for Enterprise Tape Backup

Scale out to Massive Capacity and Performance

The MagStor PetaByte Machine features up to 5.04PB of storage in a compact form factor that offers the lowest cost per GB of any tape library available.

  • 40% less expensive than a comparable Quantum i3 library
  • 37% less expensive than a comparable Spectralogic library

Each library is configured with 280 slots, 1xLTO9 drive, 280xLTO9 media, and no options.

Product Details and Specifcations

The Features and Benefits of Petabyte Machine

Compliance and Security

Secure your backups with AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption standard and WORM (Write-once-readymany) support with WORM enabled cartridges

Made in the USA

TAA COMPLIANT-the libraries are Made in the USA and feature IBMTM LTO drives made in Japan for TAA compliance as required by many public agencies

Up to 5.04 Petabytes native storage (12.6 compressed) when fully configured. 

Up to 5.04 Petabytes native storage (12.6 compressed) when fully configured with 280x LTO9 tapes. Performance up to 400MB/s with FH LTO-9 drives.

Complete Solution with NanopureTM Media

Full support for NanoPureTM Media-the only certified and fully tested media system for managing media errors and drive hardware faults on MagStor libraries.

About Magstor

MagStor Is a recognized trusted provider of tape hardware solutions to leading enterprise and M&E users globally. Since 2006, operating as our parent company Magnext, we are the ONLY tape hardware manufacturer solely focused on the needs of the tape hardware market. Our investments in engineering include our innovative NanoPure media system and patented Thunderbolt 3 equipped tape drives and libraries. All with a focus on improving the usability of tape hardware.

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