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PRESS RELEASE    4/3/2018                                                                                 

Name: Tim Gerhard Position: Product Manager

Business: MagStor Inc., 7100 Huntley Rd., Columbus, OH 43229, USA

Phone: 614-433-0011 E-mail: Website:

New Thunderbolt 3 LTO Tape Drives Provides the Solution for Long-Term Data Storage & Archiving


There are many reasons for individuals and organizations to consider tape storage as a critical part of their IT data protection infrastructure.   Tape storage can provide a high capacity, high performance solution for data archiving needs.  Additionally Tape Storage can provide greater reliability, scalability, compatibility and longevity than other data archiving solutions.  


MagStor Inc,, is happy to announce the addition of four new Thunderbolt™ 3 LTO Drives to their growing list of industry-leading IT data protection devices. The new MagStor tape drives are compatible with any Thunderbolt 3 port in either MAC or Windows based PCs.    The MagStor tape drives are available in the following SKUs: MagStor LTO8 12TB Thunderbolt 3 Tape Drive, MagStor LTO7 6TB Thunderbolt 3 Tape Drive, MagStor DUAL LTO8 12TB Thunderbolt 3 Tape Drive, and MagStor DUAL LTO7 6TB Thunderbolt 3 Tape Drive.


“These are exciting times because, for the first time, one computer port provides the means for connecting to Thunderbolt™ devices, every display, and billions of USB devices”, said MagStor’s Product Manager, Tim Gerhard. “This is exciting for us, because Thunderbolt 3 provides a great basis for our products to deliver compelling IT data protection devices to a variety of customers.”


According to Gerhard MagStor is now able to offer data protection tape solutions that fit the needs of small business to large enterprises.  “The broad interest in our new products is a result of our listening to what our customers wanted, which led to the addition of a new 3.5" Trayless Hard Drive Dock on the product, a built-in power supply (no bulky adapters needed), and two front-facing Thunderbolt 3 ports for ease of connection,”


MagStor, sees its central role as a seller of storage hardware relating to backup and archiving hardware. Its primary market is focused on the Media & Entertainment Industry, which is known to have huge video and audio archival needs. In addition, Gerhard believes large number of tape drive solutions will be applicable to a variety of customers across many industries. “With the amount of data being stored – by individuals and companies - continuing to grow exponentially, there is a great opportunity for tape based backup solutions which offer some inherent advantages over disk-based technologies for long-term data storage,” said Gerhard. “In addition, I think the new, Thunderbolt 3 based tape drives will be particularly interesting to our customers because they will now be able to plug into any Thunderbolt 3 port for MAC/PC, something that was never before possible before.”

MagStor currently has a catalog of products that now include:

  • MagStor Tape Drives
  • MagStor Tape Libraries
  • LTFS Software

In addition to these products, MagSor also offers a wide range of rental options on various data storage hardware, which at this time are only available to businesses located in the USA. Additionally, MagStor offers a service that facilitates the upgrading of clients’ tape drives – allowing them to move to future generations or from single to dual drive configurations. “To rent equipment from MagStor, customers simply need to call or email the company with information describing their backup/archive details, as well as the rental duration needed and media cartridges required,” said Gerhard.  In conclusion, Gerhard noted that when combined, tapes’ huge storage capacities, low cost per GB, and reduced energy costs, tape-based data protection solutions provide tremendous cost advantages. “While technology advances, storage solutions provide tremendous cost advantages. “While technology advances, storage tapes have continued to be the ideal solution for long-term data storage and archiving purposes,” said Gerhard, while adding that the company now include a three-year warranty on products it carries at no additional cost.

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