PreRoll Post Software- Windows

PreRoll Post Software- Windows

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Archiving to LTO tapes with LTFS software tools provide scalable, long-term storage that is highly reliable and protects your completed projects for years to come.

  • Create LTFS compliant archives to
    hard disk or LTO tapes simultaneously.

  • Simple mode provides quick drag and drop
    capabilities to and from different locations

  • Choose from multiple
    verification options.

  • Search and restore files from any mounted
    or unmounted tape in the index.

  • Presets can be saved and shared
    for naming consistencies.

  • Generate MHL, PDF, TXT & CSV reports,
    save in multiple locations.

  • Access previous reports
    from the job history.

  • Set up notifications
    for archiving progress.

  • Supports Single and Dual MagStor LTO tape drives'