640 Licensed Slots, Up to 48 LTO HH drives.

Up to 11.5 Petabytes native storage (28.8 compressed) when fully configured. Support for LTO drives from LTO6 to LTO9 including FC/SAS, Half Height, and Full Height. Performance up to 400MB/s per drive with FH LTO9 drives. 

Secure storage for your knowledge assets

The PetaByte Machine is the perfect solution to address all the retention, protection, and compliance requirements of small to medium businesses and content creators who also wish to protect their data from ransomware. PetaByte Tape Libraries provide air-gapped protection against ransomware attacks.

Industry leading warranty and lifetime support policy

We care about your success. Our 3-year standard Silver warranty leads the industry and is paired with our lifetime support. You can call, email, or chat with us on our website at any point after your purchase. Every future MagStor firmware update is free for original MagStor customers. You may also elect to extend the 3-year warranty up to 5 years for an additional fee. Have a dedicated FC SAN? Add the optional FC Bridge to increase performance and reduce your backup windows. Or add the optional Ethernet Bridge with 40GB/s performance.

Select the configuration by adding drives.
The library chassis comes with one Power Supply Unit, add an additional PSU for each drive selected.

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