About Us

MagStor is a subsidiary of Magnext LTD.  Founded in 2005 as a tape drive and library repair and services provider.   We know all things tape and decided to launch our own brand, MagStor, to provide a superior customer experience to bridge the gap in knowledge regarding tape backups and archives.  

MagStor manufactures LTO tape drives that connect via a Thunderbolt 3 connector as our flagship offering, but also offering tape technologies in all shapes and sizes.   Alongside our Thunderbolt 3 offerings, we offer SAS and FC desktop tape drives and even tape libraries scaling up to 280 slots.  
While Thunderbolt 3 is focused on the media and entertainment sector, tape, in general, can be used in all sectors and we support them all from SMB up to Enterprise applications.  
Serving as a tape repair business has enabled MagStor to offer world class warranties of 3 years standard or 5 years optional on all products.  While others have to outsource these services, everything is done in-house with seasoned professionals.