MagStor ePro 10G

Ethernet LTO Tape Archive Solutions

Advancing the state of the art

Network attached tape, high performance and availability

Product Name Part Number Form Factor Drives Generation Interface Expansion Interface
ePro 10G Tabletop E10G-HLX Tabletop Half Height 1 or 2 LTO 7-9 2 x 10GbE RJ45 (LC OPT) 1 x SFF-8644
ePro 10G Tabletop E10G-LX Tabletop Full Height 1 LTO 7-9 2 x 10GbE RJ45 (LC OPT) 1 x SFF-8644
ePro 10G 1U E10G-1U-HLX Rack Mount 1U Half Height 1-2 LTO 7-9 2 x 10GbE RJ45 (LC OPT) 1 x SFF-8644
ePro 10G 1U Library E10G-1U-LIB Rack Mount 1U Half Height 0 LTO 7-9 2 x 10GbE RJ45 (LC OPT) 1 x SFF-8644
ePro 10G 2U E10G-2U-LX Rack Mount 2U Full Height/Half Height 1-4 LTO 7-9 2 x 10GbE RJ45 (LC OPT) 1 x SFF-8644

Features and Benefits

  • Two 10Gb/s ethernet ports enable higher performance vs. SAS direct connect
  • Built in ARM Processor and 4GB memory reduce the need for expensive backup servers
  • ATTO Advanced Data Streaming™ and ATTO SpeedWrite™ technologies combine for superior performance
  • 5 year warranty uplift and other service options available to maximize uptime
  • ePro 10G can be located up to 100m away from switch or client, providing physical security and sound benefits
  • Advanced alloy enclosure and Power Supply feature advanced cooling design
  • Mac iSCSI Initiator included (one license)
  • LTFS Backup software included
  • LTO Cleaning Cartridge included (one)
  • 1 x Cat 6a Ethernet cables included
  • 3 year warranty, and always lifetime technical support
  • TAA Compliant (drives made in Japan)
  • ePro 10G makes tape archive a shared resource on your network

The lowest TCO and highest reliability of any storage media

Tape Archive features the lowest cost of ownership (TCO) vs. disk or cloud storage. Against comparable disk storage, MagStor ePro tape archive can be less than half the TCO vs disk over 3 years, and 10x less costly than cloud. (Source: tco-calculator). And tape’s reliability is an impressive 100 times more reliable than Flash SSD, 1,000 times more reliable than Fibre Channel & SAS HDD, and an outstanding 10,000 times more reliable than enterprise SATA disks, (Source: Supplier Data, Horison Information Strategies)

Support for NanoPure Media

Full support for NanoPure Media™ the only certified and fully tested media system for managing media errors and drive hardware faults on MagStor® hardware.

Product Specifications

LTO9 Media LTO8 Media LTO7 Media
LTO9 Drives
LTO8 Drives
LTO7 Drives
Desktop ePro 10G 1U ePro 10G 2U
Max Drives Internal 2 2 2
Max Drives External 2 2 2
Drive Types HH or FH HH or FH HH or FH
Tabletop ePro 10G 1U ePro 10G 2U
Model # E10G-HL9 E10G-1U-HL9 E10G-2U-L9
Dimensions H: 7 3/8 (187.96) W:6 7/8 (175.26) D:13 3/8 (340.36) H: 1 3/4 (44.45) W: 17 (431.8 ) D:18 3/4 (476.25) H: 3 1/2 (88.9) W:17 (431.8) D:20 3/4” (527.05)
Weight 12 lbs 16 lbs 25 lbs
Native Capacity Lifespan Durability (uses)
LTO9 Drives 18TB 30 Years 20,000
LTO8 Drives 12TB 30 Years 20,000
LTO7 Drives 6TB 30 Years 20,000
Tabletop ePro 10G 1U ePro 10G 2U
Idle (Watts) 0.45 0.45 0.45
Typical 60 60 60
Voltage 110-240 VAC 110-240 VAC 110-240 VAC
Qty Type
SFP+ Ethernet Ports 2 RJ45 (LC opt)
Ext SAS Data Ports 1 SFF-8644
Management Port 1 RJ45
Operating Shipping/ Storage Max Rate of Change
Temperature 15-39° C (59-95° F) -23-49° C (-9-120° F) 5°C per hour
Relative Humidity 20-80% 10-90% 5% RH per hour
* Single LTO9 drive configuration
Maximum Throughput Type Distance
SFP+ Ethernet Ports 20 GB/s RJ45 (LC opt) 30m (RJ45) 100m (LC)
Ext SAS Data Ports 6/12 GB/s SFF-8644 2m
Management Port 1 GB/s RJ45 100m
Ethernet SAS Tape
All Models iSCSI over Ethernet 12GB/6GB LTFS/TAR
All Models IPv4 & IPv6 TLR
All Models CHAP and ACL
*iSCSI Initiator required on Mac
3 Years RTB MAC OS 10.11+ *iSCSI Initiator required on Mac
3 Years RTB WINDOWS 10+
Rocky Linux, RedHat, OpenSUSE LEAP, Ubuntu


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