FC Desktop LTO Tape Drives

Whether you’re working with a well-worn LTO7 drive or a brand-new LTO9 drive, the SAS versus FC debate rages on. Obviously, there are affordances to both systems, but we’re not here to sell you on one infrastructure over the other - Magstor has LTO tape drives that are ready to work with whatever kind of network infrastructure you’re working with. Still, there are a number of very good reasons to choose our Fiber Channel (FC) Desktop LTO tape drives for your storage and networking needs.
FC LTO Drives Offer Unrivaled Speed and Efficiency
With a transfer rate of 8Gb/s, fiber channel storage is the undisputed king of speed, reliability, and productivity. Combined with the impressive 18TB capacity of an LTO9 tape drive cartridge, you have the best possible solution on all fronts - speed, performance, and capacity. A desktop FC LTO tape drive also offers you the added convenience of a drive that can be connected and accessed easily compared to an internal drive that has to be installed into a system and can’t be easily moved. We offer several types of desktop FC LTO tape drives to fit any need or budget. We have both single and dual LTO tape drives, and your choice of  LTO7 drives, LTO8 drives, and LTO9 drivesFC LTO tape drives also have the benefit of being accessible/sharable by multiple servers or a virtual server, so they tend to work better for wider networks.
Stability and Reliability with your FC LTO Tape Drive
With any LTO tape drive, you’re getting a level of reliability and efficiency you simply can’t match with other types of storage. So in addition to top-end performance and productivity, you also get the peace of mind knowing that your data will be safe and reliably stored for decades to come. If you’re relegating your storage to a simple HDD system, you’re risking massive data loss with a drive failure. With a desktop FC LTO9 tape drive, you get 18TB cartridges that are proven to be the most stable and reliable data storage option on the market. Since each cartridge is stored separately, even if one does get damaged or defective, the data loss is comparatively minimal (and often recoverable) compared to an enterprise-level HDD failure. Even if you opt for an older model, you’ll still get about 12TB of storage out of an LTO8 drive, or 6TB out of an LTO7 drive. With one drive, you can expand your storage infinitely simply by obtaining new tape cartridges. 
FC LTO Tape Drives Deliver Cost-Efficient Performance
One common criticism of a desktop FC LTO tape drive is the cost. And sure, to some extent, you’re going to pay a higher price up-front for top-end performance and reliability. But the cost is also not as high as you might think, as LTO tape drives are a more cost-efficient solution in the long run. HDDs are certainly a cheaper option up-front but consider the rate at which they have to be replaced, and the power required to keep them running at all times. A quality desktop FC LTO drive saves money by being significantly more energy-efficient over time and being a one-time purchase with essentially infinite scalability. If cost is an issue, you can save with MagStor's Certified Refurbished drives. We also offer financing options and rentals if those are appropriate for your needs. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us or skim through our detailed support materials!