Thunderbolt™ 3 LTO Desktop Tape Drives

Mass data storage is a problem that looks to only intensify in the coming years. Media files continue to be processed at higher resolutions in larger quantities, and in multiple diverse formats. This is a problem that requires more storage space and secure, reliable solutions. This is especially true for those in media, entertainment, government agencies, small businesses, and anyone requiring large volumes of media storage.
That’s why MagStor offers the LTO7, LTO8, and LTO9 Thunderbolt 3 as your do-it-all storage solution. Our LTO (Linear Tape-Open) drives provide a new level of efficiency for mass data storage that you can’t get from a hard drive or even a solid-state drive.

What is a Thunderbolt 3 LTO Desktop Tape Drive?
Thunderbolt 3 LTO desktop tape drives give you file storage and archiving solution that is unrivaled in keeping large quantities of data stored safely and efficiently. This technology has been used for large-scale storage, archiving, and backup purposes for decades, and only continues to be improved! The LTO9 Thunderbolt 3 tape drive, just announced in 2020, can hold up to 18TB of data in a cartridge that once only held 100GB. The reason the Thunderbolt 3 LTO desktop tape drives continue to be improved is that they are still the best option when you need a large amount of physical storage that you can rely on. Compared to standard storage media like typical HDDs and SSDs, an LTO9 drive offers an array of benefits that are uniquely suited to those who have unusually large storage needs, and who can’t take the risk of a potential drive failure resulting in lost data. We also offer LTO6, LTO7, and LTO8 Thunderbolt 3 drives. The later the model, the more storage capacity a cartridge of the same size has. This is why the Thunderbolt 3 LTO desktop tape drive is such a great choice for a backup or storage drive.

Benefits of Thunderbolt 3 LTO Desktop Tape Drives
Many people who start looking into Thunderbolt 3 LTO desktop tape drives have an understandable question: why use this instead of a simple HDD or SSD? There are a number of reasons, not the least of which is stability. Anyone who has ever stored data on an HDD has likely experienced a drive failure at some point. Even with a RAID array, it’s very likely that you will experience lost data from a drive failure at some point. Thunderbolt 3 LTO desktop tape drives are stable and non-volatile, with a shelf life of over 30 years in addition to being the most reliable form of data storage, far more so than any spinning disk-based or solid-state storage system. But one of the greatest benefits of Thunderbolt 3 LTO desktop tape drives is cost-effectiveness. LTO9 drives offer not only the greatest storage capacity yet but also the best return on investment! Because LTO drives are non-volatile storage, they do not require power to retain their data long-term. Over the course of years of storage, this represents a massive saving, as you don’t need to worry about replacing worn-out hard drives, or spending money on keeping your storage drives powered. Even internal LTO Drives are incredibly cost-efficient. Your Thunderbolt 3 LTO desktop tapes can simply be archived and kept stable until you need them. It’s easy, it’s secure, and it’s cost-effective. Have a look at our Thunderbolt 3 LTO desktop tape drives on this page, contact us to learn more, or if you already own a Thunderbolt 3 LTO desktop tape drive, check out our technical support portal!