MagStor LTO Drive Firmware Update Cartridge, FUP

MagStor LTO Drive Firmware Update Cartridge, FUP

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  Please select the correct FUP Cartridge from the drop-down menu above.

Simply insert this cartridge into your tape drive for an automatic firmware update.

- For Thunderbolt-3 Drives, please select 'SAS' interface FUP Cartridge. 

- FUP tape can be used multiple times to update more than one drive.

- FUP tape can be later converted to a regular data cartridge (instructions included).

- Only the latest FW levels are listed, please contact our support team if for some reason you need an older version.

- When ordering, please make sure to select the correct FW exactly matching your MagStor drive. Please note even though some of the FW levels have the same names, they are different for each Generation, Form Factor (FH, HH), and even the drive Interface (FC, SAS).

- These FUP tapes can be used to update firmware on Stand Alone drives only (Desktop and Rack Mount) regardless of their interface. For Library Drives Firmware updates, please contact our support team.


 Updating your LTO tape drive firmware is of importance due to several key reasons. 

  Firstly, firmware updates often include critical bug fixes, addressing potential vulnerabilities, and improving the overall stability and performance of your tape drive. By keeping your firmware up to date, you ensure that any known issues or weaknesses are promptly resolved, minimizing the risk of data corruption or loss. 

  Secondly, firmware updates can introduce compatibility enhancements, enabling your tape drive to work seamlessly with newer hardware, operating systems, and backup software. This ensures smooth interoperability and allows you to take advantage of the latest fixes. 

  Lastly, firmware updates can also bring important feature enhancements, such as improved error recovery mechanisms or increased reliability during backups, further optimizing your tape drive's functionality and providing a better user experience. 

 By regularly updating your LTO tape drive firmware, you can safeguard your data, and benefit from the fixes offered by the latest firmware.