Equipment Rental


MagStor offers a wide range of rental options on various data storage hardware. Contact us for a free consultation on your project.   


Single LTO8 TB3 - ($999 first-month, then $200 / week)

Single LTO7 TB3 - ($999 first-month, then $200 / week)

Single LTO8 SAS - ($785 first-month, then $150 / week)

Single LTO7 SAS - ($785 first-month, then $150 / week)

Please inquire for any items not listed or long-term pricing.  

All DUAL configurations are 2x the price of the single configurations.  

We do not offer shorter duration rentals than listed.



  1. Equipment Rental Plans are limited to US businesses.  
  2. Must provide copy of insurance coverage showing rental coverage which exceeds the full value of the product(s) being rented.  If insurance is not available a deposit arrangement can be made.