LTO-9 Media Initialization

 What is Media Initialization?
Media initialization has been implemented in LTO-9 technology to optimize data placement to each LTO-9 cartridge characteristics. Like other common storage devices, each new LTO-9 cartridge requires a one-time initialization prior to commencing read/write operations. LTO-9 media initialization enhances LTO tape long-term media durability.

 Why does the LTO-9 media require to be initialized before it can be used
The increased number of tracks used to write data on tape requires greater precision. This initial calibration enables the tape drive’s intelligent alignment to optimize data placement.

 Will LTO-8 media require initialization on first load to an LTO-9 tape drive
No. Media initialization is required for initial use of a new LTO-9 cartridge.

 How much time does the initialization add to the first-time load of a brand-new cartridge?
Media initialization averages between 35 to 52 minutes per first load of a cartridge to a tape drive. Most initializations will complete within 60 minutes, but the whole process may take up to 2 hours.

 Can the customer disable Media Initialization?
No, the one-time initialization cannot be disabled. In order for the tape to perform, it must be initialized before first use. No further initialization for that cartridge is required.

 Once an LTO-9 piece of media has been initialized in a drive, does it need to be reinitialized when it is moved to a separate drive, separate library, separate data center or environment?
No. The initialization process is only required on the first load of a new and unused LTO-9 cartridge, subsequent loads do not require initialization