MagStor Thunderbolt Drives vs Others

If you are on this page, you probably looking for an LTO Thunderbolt solution.

There are just 3* companies that make this kind of product, so it shouldn't be too difficult to choose.

 The biggest difference that can be seen just by looking at all three of them is that only MagStor drives have tape drive in the horizontal orientation, the other two decide to take an unorthodox approach and position their drives vertically. By the time we designed MagStor drives, we already had 15+ years of tape experience, so like everybody else in the tape world, we knew the LTO drive was designed to work in the horizontal orientation as in a tape library (with multiple drive setup) or stand-alone.
 The vertical orientation of the drive might be cosmetically attractive to some folks, but this is not the right way for LTO drive to operate. We performed a study over multiple years which shows that drives mounted in a vertical orientation fail much more often. See for yourself in our White Paper here, documenting how vertical orientation can reduce the performance of LTO drives.
 At MagStor we put performance and longevity first. And our drives look pretty good, too.

Other key differentiators:

MagStor only: 
-  IBM LTO Drives are made in Japan (vs others using drives made in China)
-  TAA Compliant
-  Single or Dual Drive setup
-  Accept (FH) Full Height or (HH) Half Height drives
-  Supports Hardware based RAID (levels: 0,1,3,5,6,10)
-  HDD (or multiple SSDs) add-on drive option
-  Covered under MagStor patent 11200194 Thunderbolt-3 to LTO device

 * Companies that make the Thunderbolt LTO drives Certified by Intel and Apple. You should never use uncertified LTO equipment. Don't put your data, equipment, and investment at risk.

the complete listing of Certified Companies:

Thunderbolt™ certification is a rigorous process in order to ensure an optimal user experience. Peripheral devices are certified to be compatible with specific operating systems and the devices are not end-user upgradeable for additional operating system compatibility.

 please let us know if you find some of the information here is not accurate.