Archiware P5 Archive Native LTFS Support

Archiware P5 Archive Native LTFS Support

Archiware, a company that works with MagStor LTO products, is helping the LTO world by adding more affordable LTFS options into the market.

Via Archiware:

In this week's newsletter, we feature some exciting resources, industry news and upcoming events:

  • Announcing: Archiware P5 Version 6.1 Release
  • New Case Study: MSM Studios streamlines workflow with P5 & FreeNAS
  • Webinar Wednesday: Using Synology with Archiware P5 and Pure
  • Helpful Tools: P5 Technical Training

Announcing Archiware P5 Version 6.1

We are excited to announce that on Tuesday, January 26th we will be releasing Version 6.1 of the P5 Software Suite. The new version includes expansive updates focused on the P5 Archive and P5 Synchronize modules. New features include:

P5 Archive

  • LTFS as native archive format on LTO: The new version supports LTFS on all operating systems (Mac, Win, Linux) and includes FreeBSD
  • Poster-frame thumbnail when creating video previews (P5 Companion)
  • Built-in FFmpeg and ImageMagick open-source tools (P5 Companion)

P5 Synchronize

  • Merging of multiple source folders into one destination folder: Synchronize different source folders in a target folder by creating a certain part of the original path in the target folder
  • Checksum verification: A checksum is created when reading the original file and is verified against it when writing the file on the target system

Additional Features

  • Updating P5 in the browser for macOS and Linux. This facilitates updates for systems, such as Amazon AMI EC2 instances
  • Media management: Optimized volume management for cloud storage

MSM Studios Streamlines its Workflow with P5 Archive and FreeNAS

MSM Studio Group is a leading, full-service provider of innovative media design and post-production. With the help of Archiware P5 and Starline's proprietary brand FreeNAS, the Studio Group effectively secures its valuable data.

In our new video, we present how the all-in-one solution with an integrated LTO drive and Archiware P5 optimally supports the demanding workflow of MSM Studios.

Discover the video on our YouTube channel!


Join Us this Week for Webinar Wednesday!

In this week's live webinar, we explore some of the unique workflows that Archiware P5 and Archiware Pure can add to your Synology NAS device.

We perform long-term media archive with mini-MAM functionality to cloud storage, replication of data to/from Synology and any other host/storage and use Synology as a VMware backup server, saving VMs backups directly onto the Synology storage.

Join us for a swift tour of all this functionality, closing with a Q&A session.

  • Wednesday, January 20th
    Synology with P5 & Pure, expanding storage possibilities
    Hosted by: David Fox
    Register for Europe: 2PM CET (Berlin)
    Register for US: 1PM EST (New York)

If you have any questions that you would like our experts to pick up, please feel free to contact us ahead of the webinar!

All sessions will be recorded. Register for a session to receive a link to the recording afterwards - even if you can't join us live!


Archiware P5 Technical Training

Archiware P5 protects data on all levels in one solution. All P5 modules can be combined to create multiple-step security concepts to achieve maximum data security. In order to fully take advantage of each module, it is integral to understand the expansive features and integrations that Archiware P5 offers.

For this reason, Archiware's David Fox has created a comprehensive technical training video, which provides an in-depth look at the P5 suite. The technical training covers installation, setup and management of P5 Backup, P5 Archive and P5 Synchronize to disk, LTO tape and cloud.