MagStor Announces the ePro 10G line of tape backup and archive solutions

MagStor Announces the ePro 10G line of tape backup and archive solutions



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June 24th, 2024

MagStor announces the ePro 10G family of ethernet connected tape archive devices

MagStor ePro 10G LTO Tape archive solutions enable faster tape backups without dedicated hardware

Columbus, OH — MagStor, a recognized leader in tape storage solutions for Media & Entertainment customers, today announced availability of the ePro 10G series of tape archive devices featuring unrivaled cost and performance for backing up and archiving data stores of all sizes.

Available in desktop and rackmount configurations featuring 1, 2, or even 4 LTO tape drives, the ePro 10G series can be configured to meet all the retention, protection, and compliance requirements of small to medium businesses and content creators who also wish to protect their data from ransomware.

All ePro 10G solutions feature 2 x 10GbE ethernet ports that are also compatible with 25GbE networks and offer total throughput of 2000MB/s and can support up to 8 total sessions from users on the network. The ePro devices feature ATTO Advanced Data Streaming™ and ATTO SpeedWrite™ along with TLR support for LTFS to assure optimal performance with multiple drive configurations. And ePro 10G solutions ship at a price that is up to 35% less than comparable configurations from competitors*.

“MagStor is pleased to announce our new ethernet connected line of products to help address the needs of users that want to leverage their 10/25GbE network infrastructures already in place. We’ve also listened to users want to be able to locate MagStor LTO hardware away from their desktops and in a secure area for data protection and aesthetic reasons. We feel the ePro 10G solutions will help users cost effectively implement data protection solutions in ways that make LTO technologies as easy to use as disk or cloud, at a much lower cost.”

Key Features

  • Two 10Gb/s ethernet ports enable higher performance vs. SAS direct connect
  • Built in ARM Processor and 4GB memory reduce the need for expensive backup servers
  • Advanced Data Streaming and Speedwrite technologies combine for superior performance
  • ePro 10G solutions makes tape archive a shared resource on your network
  • ePro 10G solutions can be located up to 100m away from switch or client, providing physical security and acoustic benefits
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux (Mac iSCSI Initiator included)
  • LTFS Backup software included
  • TAA Compliant (Drives made in Japan)
  • 3 year warranty, and always lifetime technical support

Pricing and Availability

The ePro 10G series is available now from MagStor’s website and from their network of authorized resellers and distributors. MSRP’s start at $9,399 for the ePro desktop with 1 x LTO9.

Additional Resources

* Based on the MagStor PetaByte machine using the ePro 10GbE bridge configured with 280 slots, 1x LTO9 drive, 280xLTO9 media, and no options, when compared to a Quantum i3 or Spectra Stack library with the most similar base configuration. Details at


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