Photo of full height fibre drive. 360 MB/s Max read/write speed.
Photo of the backside of the Fibre Enclosure. Uses a standard US power cable and has 2 8g fibre channel ports.
Photo of full height fibre drive. 360 MB/s Max read/write speed.
Photo of the backside of the Fibre Enclosure. Uses a standard US power cable and has 2 8g fibre channel ports.

MagStor LTO8 8G FC External Desktop Tape Drive 12TB LTFS , FC-FL8-PRO LTO-8 TAA

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YoYottaID LTFS Mac OSX Backup Software

MagStor FC-FL8-PRO LTO8 8G Full-Height FC External Tabletop Tape Drive

Download MagStor FC LTO Drive Brochure || Download MagStor Tape Drive Overview 

The World's First Full-Height FC LTO8 desktop tape drive!



The MagStor FC-FL8-PRO is an LTO8 12TB Full-Height tape drive in a sleek and durable desktop enclosure.  MagStor tape drives are made with only the best components; including LTO tape drives made in Japan, and enclosures engineered for exceptional longevity.  

MagStor PRO series drives take performance to the next level.  Designed for those with only the need for speed in mind, 

You expect your drive to work the first time, and we do too.  Our LTO drives are tested at our factory to the highest standard, not once, but twice, as we test the drives again once they've been assembled into a complete product.  

Using LTO tape for backup or archive is cost-effective, Eco-friendly, and safe from online attackers, all while taking advantage of LTO tape's 30-year shelf life.  

LTFS (Linear Tape File System) makes Archiving to tape now easier than ever. Users can easily drag and drop files to and from an LTO tape with the peace of mind that LTFS is open source and you can access your files in the future no matter what software you choose.

Traditional backups to tape are still commonplace with TAR software.  MagStor LTO drives are compatible with any TAR backup system that works with IBM-based tape drives.  

What makes a Full-Height (FH) Tape Drive better than a Half-Height (HH)?

Size Matters:  FH drives have larger motors and more space to accommodate better airflow, efficiency, and several other benefits outlined below.

Durability: FH drives are rated for 300,000 load cycles compared to HH drives with 80,000 load cycles.  

Max Speed: LTO8 FH drives run up to 360 MB/s compared to 300 MB/s for HH drives.

Acceleration: FH drives can accelerate twice as fast.




Capacity (Native) 12TB

Read/Write Speeds (Native) 360 MB/s 

8G FC Interface 

LTFS Compatible Drag & Drop

TAR Compatible 

30 Year LTO Media Archive Life 

Built-in PSU, no bulky adapters needed

TAA Compliant (Tape Drives Made in Japan)

3 Year Warranty (Upgrade to 5 Years US/CAN)


Technical Specifications


  • External 8G FC 

 Tape Drive:

  • LTO8 Tape drive with up to 360 MB/sec native transfer rate

 Data Cartridge:

  • Read/Write LTO8 data cartridge; 12TB native storage capacity
  • Read/Write LTO7 data cartridge; 6TB native storage capacity

 Power Supply:

  • 100/240 VAC 50/60 Hz Auto-sensing

 Dimensions & Weight:

  • 13.4 x 5.8 x 6.8 inches (L x H x W) / 14.5 lbs

 Software Compatibility:

  • IBM Spectrum Archive Single Drive Edition (CLI MAC, GUI Windows)
  • PreRollPost
  • myLTO
  • YoYotta LTFS
  • Third-Party LTFS-enhanced archive/backup software
  • Third-Party TAR based backup software
  • Any software that fully supports IBM LTO Tape Drives


Recommended Tape Media / Cartridges:

IBM Tape Media is recommended for optimal performance and reliability


MagStor FC-FL8-PRO Includes: 

MagStor LTO8 FH FC External Desktop Tape Drive

US Power Cable

5 Meter LC-LC FC Cable