Hedge Canister LTFS Software.
Hedge Canister LTFS Software.
Hedge Canister LTFS Software.
Hedge Canister LTFS Software.

Hedge Canister LTFS Software.


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Canister takes the hassle out of LTO 

Supporting macOS for now. Windows is coming soon. 

True drag & drop archiving. 
Creating multiple tape archives is as simple as making one. 
Canister works with all standalone LTO drives, supports the newest LTFS drivers, and accepts all sources. Direct to the tape? With Shoeshine protection, it is finally possible. 

Browse & retrieve, without wear.  
Canister is full of technology to make sure tapes are taxed as little as possible. Browse your LTO's, cherrypick only that what you need to retrieve, all without activating the tape to prevent unneeded winding back and forth of your LTO's. 

Illegal characters, solved.

No longer are you forced to work around LTFS' shortcomings. Canister handles any illegal character for you with URL encoding. Rocksolid, futureproof, and open to everyone.  Finally, there's that guarantee that you will always be able to access your tapes, with every app. No more vendor lock-ins, ever.

Browse and search all tapes, with Catalogs. 

Direct access to all of your tapes without needing to mount them first - a Catalog is created for each tape Canister sees and made available as a network mount that is indexed by Spotlight. All changes are tracked, all versions are kept, like a Time Machine. 

Best of all, it does not require a database. 

Checkpoint verification.

No archive is useful if it has not been fully verified to contain what it should, so you can safely delete the original if needed. 

With Checkpoint's Archiving engine on-board, Canister verifies every bit it copied with XXH64BE checksums.

Need MD5 for legacy flows? No problem either. 

Simultaneous Archiving. 

Safety comes in numbers, so it is becoming more and more common to create multiple LTO copies at the same time - to save them in separate geographical locations. 

Like Hedge,  Canister's foundation is built to be truly multi-device. Mix different drives you like, without the lack of speed of older generations getting in the way of newer units. 

Duplication Dedication. 

 With Projects taking weeks or even months to complete, archiving just the changes regularly is a necessity for many. 

Canister has duplicate detection built into its core, making it possible to do those incremental backups without any additional fuzz. 

Zero Driver Fuss. 

Managing drivers for LTFS is a nightmare. For some reason, HP, IBM, and Quantum all decided to roll their own version of LTFS, each with its own dependencies. 

Canister detects which driver you need, downloads the correct versions for you, and you're off to the races before you know it. 

Shoeshine Protection.

With LTO getting faster and faster, source media can quickly become a bottleneck. With regular copy methods, too slow sources shorten the lifespan of your tapes severely.  Canister's Shoeshine Protection actively manages supply and demand, resulting in one steady and continuous data stream.

Logs, Logs, Logs. 

With LTO, there is always a need for paperwork somewhere down the line. That is why Canister packs it all: Transfer Logs, Media Hash Lists, Manifests, and a very complete in-app Console. Because you never know what you need, until you need it. 

No need for a Terminal. 

LTO tends to make you feel like you took a deep plunge into the IT department. Everything that required you to resort to Terminal can now easily be done in Canister. Format, mount, erase - even Recovery is Built-in, if you would ever need it. 

Supports Single and Dual MagStor LTO tape drives